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Anything which tells a story:
I was brought up reading Marvel and DC comics, from there I found a love for television and movies then books and theatre. I think I started writing my own stories way before I read my first novel. When I was about 12 years old I wrote my own Superman story, the next was a story about the Arabian Knights.

I've seen some great shows at the theatre but the most amazing was a one woman, amateur show of Shirley Valentine. I wish I could remember who the actress was but she was amazing. For one woman to hold the audience, make them laugh one minute and cry the next is a mix of great writing and great acting.

All things comedy:
I'm glad comedy has hit the heights that it has recently as there are so many great comedians out there at the moment.

So many amazing movies out there. Good Will Hunting would have to be one of my favourites. A story of not taking anyone or anything for granted.

Ansel Adams has to be my favourite photographer, give me a scenic photo and I'm happy.