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People we forget

There's a number of people in my book 'A Very British Afterlife' that many may not have heard of. Saint Keane, Saint Cuthbert or Robert Spring to name a few. However, in their time each of these people were famous.

"I am Keyne, Saint Keyne. My father was King Brychan of Brycheiniog, have you ever been there?’ I shook my head, ‘Ohh, have you ever heard of my father then?’ again I shook my head ‘Oh,’ she looked dismayed. ‘Have you ever heard of me?’ and for the third time I shook my head."
Saint Keyne - A Very British Afterlife

Time goes by so quickly and we forget about those that are not around, be that historic figures, celebrities or people we once regarded as friends.

People go in and out of our lives as we move through our own. I understand the world is a busy place these days but I do find it strange that we don't have a national day to remember those that are forgotten and I include those that have passed away.

Just as we have Remembrance Day to remember the sacrifice of heroic soldiers or Mexico which has something called 'Día de Muertos' meaning Day of the Dead, I say let's put one day aside to remember those that are not around in our lives anymore both living and dead. Let's take a minute to remember all those people we used to call friends but never see, they could be old school friends, work colleagues, people we used to go drinking with, an ex-teacher, an ex-girlfriend, maybe even a family member or sadly people that have died.

This week why don't you remember one of those people in some way by some small gesture. Maybe send a text to say hello, an email to see how they are or just by raising a glass to them. Some days this world can be a tough place, so lets just remember those that once made it a little brighter for us.