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About the author: Lee Brown

Where was I born:
Born in the 20th century. Had a very happy childhood on a council estate within Newcastle upon Tyne called Blakelaw. After university I moved to London for a few years. Worked at The Times and in the city.

What about the writing:
When I lived in Newcastle I did night classes for 'Writing for television, theatre and radio' this is where I found how much I enjoyed people reading what I wrote.

Plans for another book:
Yes the next book within the Holy Trilogy is currently in its making. Everything fell easily into place with the next story. Although it will be about all new characters, 1 or 2 from this novel may make an appearance.

I am also working on a movie script, which I'm also hoping to direct.

Working and writing takes pretty much a lot of my time but just started to get on to the Stand-up comedy circuit.

Script writing:
I am also a script writer for movies/television, please get in contact with anything in regards to this.