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About the book

How did I get the idea:
I got the idea when my father died. I thought as humans we go through so much pain and misery, surely life should be better than this. If I get my time in front of God after I die then I'll have a few words to say to him.

I'd also read a lot of books that were supposed to be inspirational, but to me they just fell flat. I wanted to write a book that could be inspirational but with heart, soul, honesty and spirit, plus a sprinkling of humour because laughter is good for us.

Are you religious:
Not at all. I know it's all been said before but look at how much hurt, suffering and death is caused around the world, not only in this century but through the ages, all within the name of religion. The true message of religion should be peace, love and working together to create a better world for everyone regardless of beliefs, skin colour, sexuality or where they were born.

Are the main saints and angel characters based on anyone:
Other than the main character, no. But each character had to be strong enough to carry a chapter and make it interesting.

About The Holy Trilogy:
This is the first book in a new trilogy of inspirational-humour books. Each is a stand alone story, based on different characters. Watch out for book 2 soon...sorry for calling it book 2, don't have a title yet.