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A Very British Afterlife

Part 1 of the Holy Trilogy

Genre: Humour fiction

For the first time in his life Vincent Dabney feels that everything is finally falling into place.

Tragically his life is cut short 30 years too soon Just as he is about to propose to his girlfriend.

He then finds himself in the Afterlife, where he meets and offends God. Because of the insults and the fact there is no final tally of his good and bad deeds, he must prove himself while job shadowing various Saints and Angels. However, due to his early entry into the afterlife and seperated from his girlfriend he won't take it lying down.

During his journey to find the answers to life and death, there will be some deep philosophical questions. Also discover what Karl Marx is doing now, should you have sympathy for the Devil and can God really hold a tune.

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"The heart-warming, sometimes tear-jerking tale should be essential reading for all - and will make any bookshelf shine that little bit brighter."

"There's something for everyone here, humour, tragedy and of course a love story."

"A welcome change from the more serious and formulaic writing styles you often read but is still a hard one to put down."